Other Transactions


Trafiksystem Väst AB

Trafiksystem Väst AB

Arkios AB was the sole financial advisor in Svevia AB’s divestment of its subsidiary company Trafiksystem Väst AB to Erlandsson Bolagen AB on the 27th of august 2014.

Svevia is the leading Swedish service providers within road and highway service-management and also a leading player within road and infrastructure constructions. Svevia is owned by the State of Sweden.

Trafiksystem has a turnover of some 200 MSEK (~22 MEUR) and has approximately 50 employees.  Trafiksystem is one of the leading companies in Sweden within traffic light installations and related services.


Linköpings Resebyrå with a turnover of some 275 mSEK has been acquired by Lingmerths Resebyrå AB with a turnover of some 400 mSEK. Lingmerths Resebyrå AB has 10 traveling agencys in Sweden. By joining forces, the two businesses will become a significant Swedish player in the market for business travelling. Arkios AB was the exclusive advisor to the seller in the transaction. For more information about Lingmerths Resebyrå AB’s acquisition of Linköpings Resebyrå, please refer to


Frontwalker Holding AB has successfully raised new equity. Frontwalker has a turnover of some 250 mSEK

and is well positioned in the Swedish IT consultant market with offices in Stockholm, Uppsala and Sundsvall. Arkios AB was the exclusive advisor to Frontwalker in the transaction. For more information about Frontwalker, please refer to the website:


Analytica AB. One of Sweden's most technically advanced companies. Focus: extreme chemical analysis. Divested in a cross-boarder transaction to Campbell Brothers/ALS which is a large listed Australian industrial conglomerate. Arkios Sweden was the advisor to the Seller.


Envox AB. Provides IP-based voice self-service and contact center solutions and was divested in a cross-boarder transaction to Enghouse which is a listed company in Canada. Arkios Sweden was owner representative, member of the board and advisor in the divestment.


Tricorona AB (publ). Fund-raising of some 15 mEUR of total 25 m EUR to Tricorona then listed in Stockholm. Tricorona was later sold to Barclays Bank.


Studsvik AB (publ). Advisor to the Seller  in the divestment of a highly successful business unit to Landauer Inc. which is listed on Nasdaq. Studsvik is listed in on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.


Sverigeskador AB. Small but the most profitable claims management company in Sweden. Arkios Sweden team was the advisor to the Seller in the divestment to Netherlands based company Van Ameyde.


Hoist Technology. Exclusive financial advisor in two strategic acquisitions. Hoist’s turnover is close to 100 m EUR