IPO Advisory Services



Pilum AB (publ). Financial advisor, fund-raising and recruitment of board members.


Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB (publ). IPO advisor in the listing process and fund-raising.


Bravida. Independent IPO advisory services in the planned IPO. Bravida has a turnover of some >1 billion EUR.


Karolinska Development AB (publ). Advisor to the board and top management in the IPO process. Karolinska Development has one of the the largest drug/medicine portfolios in Europe.


On-going IPO assignment. Arkios Sweden has an ongoing assignment for preparing a Swedish IT company for listing in 2015. The company is a global leader in its niche


Mackmyra – Successful New Issue of Convertible Loan Arkios Sweden was the sole advisor in the new issue of a convertible loan amounting to 11.2 MSEK. Swedish and international investors participated in the new issue.

Briefly about Mackmyra

Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB was founded in 1999 and is Sweden’s first producer of malt whisky. The company’s operations are based outside the city of Gävle. Mackmyra has a strong brand and is internationally well appreciated and has won several prestigious awards. Mackmyra has some 6,000  shareholders and its Class B shares are listed since 2011 on NASDAQ First North. Cinnober is a global provider of solutions and services to leading trading and clearing venues, including  exchanges, clearinghouses, banks and brokers.


Cinnnober has a turnover of some 300 MSEK (~32 MEUR) and has approximately 230 employees. Cinnober was listed on Nasdaq Firth North on the 29th of September 2014 and Arkios AB was the sole financial advisor in the transaction.

B3IT AB. Advisor to the owners, board of directors and top management in the IPO process. B3IT has revenues of some 400 mSEK with attractive profit-margins and was listed in June 2016 on Nasdaq First North. Arkios AB was advisor to the owners, board-of-directors and overall preparation for the successful IPO. Swedbank was placing agent.